GVS design and development service provides clients with product R&D, desig, post-maintenance, and all other serives. As long as clients put forward their requirements of product function, performance, even only conception of products, GVS will help realize the required products. 



11.png R&D Design Team

GVS R&D team comes from various fields of smart home, KNX smart building, intercom system, TFT panels, etc, with rich working experiences of over ten years, who are all senior engineers, devoting themselves to provide design, research and development services of smart products(both hardware and software products) to  our clients. 


11.png Production Capability

  • Modernized factory contains SMT workshop, inserting workshop, assembling workshop, inspection workshop, test workshop, dynamic ten-thousand grade spotless workshop and environment laboratory.  

  • Factory strictly executes ISO90001, QC80000, and other strict management systems.

  • Products experience strict high/low temperature, vibration, anti-static electricity, electromagnetic compatibility, salt mist test, drop test to secure its stable and reliable functions.

  • Annual Production Capability: TFT panels 1,800,000.00pcs, TFT modules 1,500,000.00pcs, Building Intercom & KNX Smart building products over 600,000.00 sets.



微信图片_20190214132608.png Solution Service Target

Our intelligent products (software and hardware) solution design services accept customer-defined function requests. Customers simply need to provide design requirements and product function descriptions or specifications.

微信图片_20190214132608.png Solution service Area

  • KNX intelligent product series ( including smart touch panel, smart push button panel, controller, actuator, gateway, power supply, etc.)

  • Video door phone product series ( including face recognition outdoor station, indoor station, guard unit, etc.)

  • TFT panel series ( TFT home appliance panel, TFT industrial panel, etc.)


11.png Project Cooperation Mode

Multi-level and rigorous process of quality control, provide complete one-stop solution for R&D design, PCBA processing, assembly testing, etc.


  • Quality activity development and risk monitoring have been executed throughout the entire life cycle of the product – process quality assurance.

  • Grading evaluation and matching evaluation organization - development effectiveness and efficiency assurance.

  • Comprehensive defect management - quality warning, defect analysis, and problem closed loop control.

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