• What is KNX?

    KNX is a world standard communication protocol for smart home and building control. The system already has 30 years’ history with stable performance in KNX building automation fields. A system equipped with KNX technology can easily help you control your electrical households in one touch panel or even remotely. Hence the technology nowadays is widely used in almost all types of buildings: private homes, business complexes, industrial buildings, universities, hospitals, etc.

    As a smart building solution provider established in 1999, GVS started to promote the KNX protocol for smart buildings since 2007. In the past 13 years, GVS has played an important role in the standardizing process for the technology. GVS joined the working committee in converting the EN50090 standard to GB/T 20965-2013, drafted the KNX Building Automation and Control System Data Communication Protocol Standard (GB/T8847) and initiated and chaired the IEEE 1888.4 Green Smart Home and Living Environment Control Protocol Standard. As a pioneer of KNX intelligent building, GVS will continue to lead the way of KNX and create a better and smarter future for mankind.

what is knx

Where and how to use KNX?  

KNX smart building system can be used in almost any building types - from small houses to large shopping malls or industrial complex. KNX home automation solutions make our life more reliable, convenient and intelligent.

Easy to Operate

Control all electrical devices easily, all control modules are with manual operation to make maintenance easier.


Almost all functions in your house are controllable through KNX, and a variety of different KNX brands are available and all their devices work together well.

Safe and Secured

Compared to traditional 220V system, KNX system is based on 24V-30V which is much safer. With the latest KNX Secure function, the system is ever more secured than any other smart home system.

Advantages of KNX

KNX can be connected to various systems such as RS485, LoRa, NB-IOT, Zigbee, etc., which gives the installation options unlimited possibilities. Also, it allows you to choose products of different KNX brands and easily integrate everything together. What’s more, KNX can also be used in new and old buildings. When you change your need, you only need to invest a little time and money to easily expand the KNX system.

  • Efficiency

    gvs knx efficiency device


    KNX smart home system manages the entire facility easily in an efficient way that reduces waste and maximizes output. KNX automation system in-home or industrial buildings can connect a multitude of devices inside the same facility to exchange information that maximizes workplace efficiency.

  • Convenience

    gvs knx convenience


    KNX smart home system easily manages all electrical households including lighting, heating, energy efficiency, sensors, dimmers, blinds, shutters, and so on. With KNX smart home system, you can control all these devices from touch panels, push buttons or even your smartphones and PC.

  • Innovation

    gvs knx innovation


    KNX smart home system always keeps upgrading its technology and product category compared to the conventional electrical system. Of course, today's automation functions have contributed to a higher living standard, but what makes things more exciting is what KNX will bring us with its innovations.

  • smart home knx
    Smart Home

    KNX smart home system connects home devices. The comfort and convenience brought by the KNX smart home technology is making the modern world a better living place.

  • smart school
    Smart Schools and Universities

    Besides comfort and efficiency, safety is also key to the educational environment. With the help of the smart KNX system, the environment for the school kids will be safer and more comfortable.

  • smart hospital knx
    Smart Hospital

    KNX automation applied in hospitals not only will improve the quality of daily work for doctors and nurses, but also will give the patients a better mood and helps them to heal from the sickness. Moreover, the centralized controls and maintenance of the hospital will be much easier.

  • smart office automation knx
    Smart Office

    KNX automation will increase the productivity and quality of your office and its staff whilst decrease the maintenance cost in terms of energy consumption.

  • smart building knx
    Smart Industrial Building

    KNX offers a safe and convenient way to manage the system for a stable production process. Moreover, the KNX automation system can protect the industrial building and the factory property from being invaded.

  • smart subway knx
    Smart Subway & Airport

    Subway and airports are a highly controlled environment with millions of passengers every day. KNX automation help to manage the lighting, air conditioning and heating for travelers easily.

KNX in different building types

With KNX technology, home or buildings can be automatically controlled and monitored. You can use one system for the whole architecture. No additional control centers are needed because the KNX system can achieve a variety of functions: air conditioning, lighting, and access control mechanisms. It makes things more convenient and comfortable and improves the energy efficiency of our urban habitat. KNX products from different manufacturers are compatible with each other as the protocol applied in the technology is standardized. That’s the main reason why the KNX system is widely used in home, office, industrial building, schools, subway, airport, hospital and other public areas.

KNX panel


KNX Multifunctional Thermostat

KNX actuator


Shutter Actuator

KNX input device

Bus Current

Air Quality Sensor PVR

KNX gateway


KNX/DALI Gateway

KNX IR device


IR Emitter

KNX system device

Bus voltage21-30V DC

RF KNX Transceiver