One-stop industry IoT service

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 Industry AI scene application

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Key core technology and solution

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Connecting component

IoT Module Development Service

Global cloud service

Independent deployment service

Face recognition technology application

Precise environmental control algorithms and applications

Medical IoT device core algorithm and application

Retirement scene IoT device core algorithm and application

Scene data closed-loop application

Scalable industry technology platform solution

Open core protocol technology

RTOS, Linux, Android development technology

Big data cloud service platform

Productization capability


  • Cloud equipment

    IoT component / firmware; System - cloud / device - cloud; Support MQTT / WebSocket; Work with Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Development service

    Product intelligent service; Protocol and firmware development services;
  • Global cloud service

    Service industry customer:China (Asia), United States (North America); German (Europe) core service node; Running on AWS (Amazon); Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud); Connecting major ecological cloud systems
  • High performance SaaS system

    Highly reliable operation and maintenance system; Flexible independent deployment capabilities; AES128 encryption system; Compliance privacy protection

Programme value

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>advanced technology

>Scenario application requirements

 and productization

>Centered on "connection"

>Decentralized epitaxy

>Product design, business 

architecture design

>Product development, functional

 customization services

>Manufacturing and supply 

chain services

>System deployment service

>Optimization, iterative service

>Remote debugging and management

>OTA upgrade

>Application scenario update

>Low maintenance cost solution

>Global service

>Unified service portal

>High reliability

>Efficient service

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