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The Versatile and Functional KNX Push Button for Smart Automation Systems

April 18,2024  |  By admin

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The KNX Waltz Push Button, available in 2/3/4-Gang configurations, offers a highly functional and versatile solution for KNX bus systems. This KNX Push Button sensor, with its 4/6/8 buttons, draws power directly from the KNX bus, eliminating the need for separate power sources.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the KNX Push Button allows users to assign a unique physical address and configure its parameters using the ETS engineering design tools. Compatibility with the .knxprod format ensures seamless integration with ETS5.7 or higher versions, providing a smooth and efficient setup process.

As a KNX Push Button, it boasts a comprehensive array of functions catering to a wide range of automation needs. Switching and dimming tasks are handled effortlessly, while blind control enables seamless adjustment of blinds and shades. Its value-sending capabilities transmit real-time data to other devices on the KNX network, enabling dynamic automation scenarios.

Scene control is another highlight, allowing users to create and recall predefined settings. The shift register function adds another layer of sophistication, enabling sequential activation of multiple devices. Moreover, the KNX Push Button features advanced color control options, including RGB, RGBW, and colour temperature control, providing precise lighting control.

Multiple operation modes, delay settings, RTC operation mode transmission, and string sending capabilities further enhance its functionality. The built-in temperature sensor adds another dimension to automation, while logic output and scene group conversion functions ensure seamless interaction with other devices.

The RGB LED indication function provides visual feedback on the KNX Push Button's status and operational mode, ensuring users have a clear understanding of its current settings and functions.

In conclusion, the KNX Waltz Push Button is a powerful addition to any KNX-based automation system, offering a robust and versatile solution for smart home and building automation projects.

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