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Harnessing Sustainable Comfort with an Eco-friendly Thermostat

July 26,2023  |  By admin

GVS Smart introduces the KNX Thermostat Lite, an energy-saving and eco-friendly solution that combines advanced technology with sustainable features. This thermostat is designed to provide optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

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The KNX Thermostat Lite features a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, allowing for precise monitoring and control of indoor climate conditions. This intelligent device ensures that the thermostat responds accurately to changes in temperature and humidity, providing a comfortable environment while reducing energy waste.


One of the key advantages of the KNX Thermostat Lite is its energy-saving capabilities. With support for various control modes and operation settings, including comfort, standby, economy, and projection, users can customize their energy usage based on their specific needs. This flexibility allows for efficient energy management and promotes eco-friendly practices.


The thermostat's temperature logic algorithm enables precise and efficient temperature regulation. Whether it's a 2-point or PI control, the KNX Thermostat Lite ensures that the desired temperature is maintained accurately, avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling and resulting in significant energy savings.

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Installation of the KNX Thermostat Lite is straightforward, thanks to its compact design and compatibility with standard wall boxes. It seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications, making it a convenient choice for both residential and commercial settings.


Operating on a low bus voltage and consuming less than 165mW, the KNX Thermostat Lite is energy-efficient even during operation. It can be powered via the KNX bus itself, further contributing to energy conservation. The device's two external inputs can be used for dry contacts or 10K NTC inputs, allowing for seamless integration with various systems.


The KNX Thermostat Lite is designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance. With its temperature tolerance ranging from -5 °C to 45 °C during use and -25 °C to 55 °C for storage, this thermostat can operate effectively in different settings. Its humidity tolerance of less than 93% (except during dewing) further enhances its durability.


By utilizing the KNX Thermostat Lite, users can achieve sustainable comfort without compromising on performance. The device's energy-saving features and advanced control capabilities enable efficient energy management and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. Whether it's in homes or commercial buildings, this thermostat plays a vital role in promoting energy conservation and environmental responsibility.


In conclusion, this is an eco-friendly and energy-saving thermostat that prioritizes sustainable comfort. With its built-in sensor, flexible control modes, and precise temperature regulation, this thermostat allows for optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption. By incorporating this advanced device into our living and working spaces, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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