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KNX Multi-function Panel with LCD

KNX Multi-function Panel with LCD

LCD display, resolution 240*240, built-in temperature & Humidity sensor, 2-fold input interfaces. It can be used as push button sensor/multifunction thermostat/audio control. For push button control: 3 control pages, 4 buttons each page, fulll KNX functions including switch, dimming, shutter, scene control, value sending, RGB,RGBW,Color Temp. control,shift register, RTC operation, multiple operation, delay mode. Max. 8 group event, 8 logic functions. For thermostat: support fan coil Conrtol, VRF control, floor heating and ventilation. For auido control, support song information display. Installation: wall mounted, fits in 86*86mm and German double-60mm wall boxes.
CHPBL-03/00.1.00(White), CHPBL-03/00.2.00(White), CHPBL-03/00.2.01(Black)
Product parameter
Weight: 0.05kg
Dimension: 76.8 x 76.8 x 19.3 mm
Bus voltage: 21-30V DC, via the KNX bus
Bus current: <18mA, 24V; <15mA, 30V
Bus consumption: <450mW
Input: 2 external inputs, as dry contact
input or 10K NTC input
Connection: KNX,Bus connection terminal
Input: A three-wires connection terminal,
cable length <5m
Operation: –5 °C ... + 45 °C
Storage: –25 °C ... + 55 °C
Transport: – 25 °C ... + 70 °C
Humidity: <93%,except for dewing
Proximity sensor: Normal sensitivity
approximately 15cm
Enhanced sensitivity approximately 30cm
Mounting: In a conventional 80 or 86 mm
wring box
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