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KNX Gateway for RS485/RS232
KNX Gateway for RS485/RS232

KNX Gateway for RS485/RS232

KNX Gateway for RS485/RS232 mainly applied in the intelligent control system and installed on the distribution boards with 35mm mounting rail, which can realize Modbus/RS485/RS232 and KNX bus communication. ​KNX Gateway for RS485/RS232 powered from KNX bus, and need a 12-30V DC auxiliary supply voltage. It is available to assign the physical address and configure the parameters by engineering design tools ETS with .knxprod ( support edition ETS5.7 or higher ).


Configure basic parameters of communication, such as Baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity bit and etc. 

Channel supports Max.500 datapoints. Each function point is undirectional, which can be configured direction, name and datatype(1bit/2bit/4bit/1byte/2byte). 

As Modbus master, read register data from slave and communicate with KNX. 

As Modbus slave, report KNX data to master or BA system. 

As normal gateway, only converting data, without communication mechanisms and logic. 

Support DAIKIN, HITACHI, Mitsubishi and other VRV Air conditioners in Modbus RTU mode, independent control up to 64 devices. 

Support some manufacturers of electric curtains and background music host control protocol.

  • Operation voltage
    21-30V DC, via the KNX bus
  • Bus current
    <6mA 30V DC
  • Bus power
  • Dimension
    72 x 90 x 64.1mm
  • Weight
  • Voltage
    12-30V DC
  • Current
    <60mA 30V DC
  • Power consumption
  • KNX
    Bus connection terminal(red/black)
  • Auxiliary power
    Screw terminals
  • Operation
    –5 °C ... + 45 °C
  • Design
    Standard 35 mm DIN rail installation

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