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Multifunction Actuator, 8-Fold
Multifunction Actuator, 8-Fold

Multifunction Actuator, 8-Fold


The devices can set switch outputs,AC curtain outputs,DC curtain output,fan control output and valve control output. The output requirements are configured via parameter.

  • Switch output: connect some electrical loads, such as lighting, sockets. All channels have the function of general switch, staircase lighting, light flashing and switch delay, scene,operation hours counter, logic and force operation;

  • Curtain output(AC/DC): connect with motor blinds, awnings, roller blinds, vertical blind, etc. With operating shutter and slat adjustment, automatic sun protection , scene and safety operating etc.;

  • Fan control: support up to three level fan speed, with general operation, forced operation, Auto. operation and status response etc.;

  • Valve control: connect with 2pipes or 4pipes system, support three valve control types: 3point,open and close, continuous,PWM and 2state-ON/OFF, and support disable/enable HEAT and COOL, valve status response, valve purge etc..

  • Heating control:support continuous,PWM and 2 state-ON/OFF,monitor and force function available

  • Mode
  • Dimension
    72 mm×90mm×64mm
  • Installation
    DIN rail
  • Bus voltage
    21-30V DC, Via KNX bus
  • Bus current
  • Bus consumption
  • Capacitor charge current
  • Un rated voltage
    230V AC(50/60Hz), 30V DC
  • In rated current capacity
    10A/70uF (max.100W, if LED load)
  • Max. switching current
    16A/240V AC

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