CES2019 | GVS,Debut at the global technology event

January 24,2019  |  By admin

From January 8th to 11th, 2019, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) opened in Las Vegas, USA.

Every year, CES is an important indicator of global technology consumer electronics. The new technologies, new products and new trends displayed at CES all dominate the trend of global technology products in the next year. From the window of CES, we have a glimpse of the latest chips, cutting-edge technology, and the most popular technology trends, which have important reference significance for Chinese manufacturers interested in going out to sea.

This CES covers the top ten themes of the technology industry (5G and Internet of Things, automotive, advertising environment and content, blockchain, health, home, instant entertainment, product design and manufacturing, robotics and device intelligence, sports), four days of welcoming More than 4,400 exhibitors have attracted more than 180,000 visitors.

The major technology giants have launched their own “treasures", we collected several "black technology" and everyone to see.

Giant Intel releases 5G chip

Baidu releases Apollo3.5, launching the world's first autopilot logistics solution

Sony launches a new music experience - "360 Reality Audio"

According to the official information released by CES, among all the exhibitors this year, there were 1551 Chinese manufacturers, and Baidu, Huawei, and Suning Yunshang participated in the exhibition. The label "Made in China" is increasingly appearing at the CES conference.

As the seed player of the domestic IoT industry in the smart life industry, GVS is duty-warming and transcends the ocean, demonstrating the wisdom of the smart industry for 20 years and the excellent vision of grasping the pulse of the times.

GVS Booth

At this CES exhibition, GVS has brought three series of products, including intelligent thermostat, Video Intercom Kit and Google Intelligent Video Screen, to the exhibition to add a fresh experience to smart life.


Intelligent thermostat

4.5 inch color touch screen

1.5 degrees Celsius precise temperature control

Wifi networking

As long as it is in the wireless network signal (Wi-Fi) coverage area, the intelligent thermostat will automatically network and synchronize information in real time.

Mobile APP, remote control

Through the mobile app (IOS/Android), users can easily understand the temperature and humidity of the house and adjust it in real time.

Perfect support:Amazon alexa、Google Home、Apple Homekit

Video Intercom Kit


Safe and simple, visual intercom system

A video intercom system for single apartments. Simply configure a package for a safe and intelligent experience.

7-inch touch screen, enjoy what you want

With a simple touch, you can enjoy safety and convenience

Waterproof grade IP54, anti-collision grade IK07

Bring you a reliable, stable technology experience

Black and white color selection

High-end double color matching, pursuing minimalism

Google smart video base

This product provides a portable device and a mobile power supply for the smart video screen in the form of a base, and expands the use scene of the smart video screen. It can display the power of the smart screen bracket battery with current limiting protection to effectively protect the smart screen. The base is equipped with a vertical rotating shaft to increase the interactive angle of the intelligent video screen.


CES2019 is about to come to an end. In the future, GVS will continue to practice the concept of “providing high-satisfying services and creating value for customers around the world”. AI+IoT technology is used for program integration to achieve rapid upgrade and transformation of products and services. Provide a wider range of product applications and solutions.

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