GVS:KNX Association officially designated OEM supplier

January 25,2019  |  By admin

2008-2018 is the golden decade of rapid development of the Internet of Things industry. It is also a decade of innovation in the field of smart building with GVS Video and KNX Association. 

During this decade, GVS has continuously increased its investment in technology research and development, and has checked the quality with international standards. With strong R&D strength and excellent product quality, GVS has been officially designated by the KNX Association for 10 consecutive years. One of the three major OEM suppliers, the strength to build a benchmark for smart building manufacturing.

GVS always adheres to the independent research and development and innovation of products. The intelligent building and smart home development team has 60 highly skilled personnel, over 170 patents and copyrights, product certification, mastery of KNX technology and related core technologies, and a number of authoritative The editorial status of the industry standard has established the industry status of the wind vane. Relying on the company's strong technical research and development strength, GVS can make deep customization according to customers' individual needs. While reducing customer R&D costs, it also fully guarantees the quality of products and enhances the competitiveness of products in the market. The customer's brand risk is minimized or even zero risk.


KNX is an open international standard. More than 400 manufacturers worldwide develop products based on the KNX protocol. These products have passed the international standard ISO9001 certification, and international certification means high quality. KNX is also a stand-alone platform. Each vendor can develop or be based on KNX's platform or be compatible with each other. This means that the KNX protocol can basically cover the highest level of intelligent building.


GVS also has a complete supply chain management system and mature product production line. It has SMT workshop, plug-in workshop, assembly workshop and test workshop. The workshop strictly implements ISO90001, QC080000 and other international management systems. The products undergo strict high temperature, vibration and antistatic. , electromagnetic compatibility, salt spray, drop test, stable and reliable performance, unanimously recognized by the cooperation customers. Relying on mature product production lines and strict quality control, GVS Vision helps customers increase production and reduce production, storage and transportation costs, while also greatly reducing the risk of customers on new production lines and helping customers win market time.

Modern production workshop

Strength certification

Founded in 1999, GVS (stock code: 870976) is one of the earliest integrated enterprises in the field of smart security, smart building, core products research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and is a national high-tech enterprise. In the KNX smart building sector, it has served more than 60 OEM/ODM partners worldwide.